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Payment Service Solution

Self-Service Solutions for Financial Industry and Banking

An automated system consisting of ready-made devices and programs that help to make the bank's work faster and more efficient.

Cash Dispenser (CD)

Up to 50 banknotes  withdrawals at a time
Fast payout speed of up to 7 bills per second.
Shorten banknote path with a roller system to prevents shortages and surpluses.
Encryption Pin Pad (EPP) Keyboard
15” TFT LCD Touch Screen Monitor
Multimedia Feature

Recycle Cash Machine (RCM)

Up to 300 banknotes deposits/withdrawals at a time
Banknotes value recognition and counterfeit detection.
Maximum deposit speed: 7 banknotes per second
Up to 4 seperate deposit boxes for different banknotes.
15" TFT LCD Monitor

e-Smart Cash Recycling Machine (3in1-eCRM)

You can accept deposits/withdrawals and adjust the book.

Automatic Passbook Update Printer

Supports both magnetic stripes and barcodes passbooks
Magnetic stripe reading and recording head and/or barcode reading head
Automatically turn over the pages of the deposit book itself
Operation manual displayede on PC monitor in Multimedia format.
Warning sound for retreiving the book
Visual indication of the machine operation status

Multi Purpose Kiosk Service Machine

Card payment and invoice barcode reader service
Account balance inquiry service
Card account statement printing service
Website and e-business transaction service
Bank public relations service
Trusted by Banking and Private Sector Clients

Other devices

Financial and banking complementary services equipment and tools

Voice Processing Systems; Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Automated voice processing solution greets callers and efficiently handles inquiries and data entry. It retrieves pre-recorded answers from our systems or transfers complex queries to our CRM team, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Card Transaction Processing (Electronic Data Capture : EDC)

Advanced card reading solution seamlessly works with magnetic and smart cards for efficient credit/debit approval, access control, time attendance tracking, and point-of-sale transactions, enabling automated operations across diverse domains.

Image Processing Systems

Document storaging and organizing system in the form of images in the organization's information network that consists of a central database and various operating points such as document management or processing (Workflow), etc.

Outsourcing Service

Service program that allows organizations to integrate data communication work into a single part. This makes it more efficient and reduces costs in information technology operations.

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