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At LOXBIT, employees are one of our most important resources to drive the growing company.

Loxbit Life

Working Life at Loxbit

A work culture that encourages collaboration, a team atmosphere, encourages open sharing of opinions alongside work challenges. Encourages employees to be bold and take action, allowing employees to learn new things and constantly improve themselves, so that employees can grow and work to their full potential.

Work-Life Balance is created with a focus on creating a good work environment and supporting the development of the skills and qualities necessary for living in a personally balanced way and also increasing work efficiency.


Benefits for All Loxbit's Employees

Social Security and Compensation Fund

Medical Welfare Benefits

Life Insurance

Provident Fund

Annual Health Check

Annual performance-based bonus

Rewards according to length of service

Annual leave

Housing loan benefits with Government Housing Bank

Special interest loan welfare (According to the financial institution's conditions)

Activities to build relationships and for society throughout the year

Continuous training and development of personnel

Company's culture: Loxbit GROWTH

To achieve maximum efficiency in work, Loxbit drives organizational culture through the Loxbit GROWTH values by communicating through activities and various media of the company so that employees understand. and apply it in work To create driving force towards the goals according to the company's vision that aims to be “Clients' Choice for 360° Robust ICT Solutions”

We continuously drive the creation of organizational culture. By creating awareness, understanding and focusing on Cross Functional Collaboration. To promote cross-functional cooperation and ready to adjust work processes to be more efficient To be able to keep up with the rapidly changing business world


Gritty Innovation



Resilient Optimism



Open Collaboration



Work-Life Integration



Team Empowerment



Hustle Mentality


Our Goal

Our Development and Career Opportunity

Enhance knowledge

Promote the development of the up-skill and re-skill potential of employees at all levels in order to prepare employees to face new challenges effectively.

Strengthen skills

An individual development plan is developed to help employees analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the skills they need to work and support endless learning and development.

Expand learning opportunities

Open for employees to participate in training, see important certificate exams that will help promote the work and career growth of employees.

Build career path

A path for career advancement for both the individual contributor and the management track, based on specified criteria.


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